Hire Our Halls

Liphook Millennium centre

The Scout and Guide HQs form a wing of the Liphook Millennium Centre. The shared entrance to our halls is via the path on the left in the picture above. The Millennium Hall is next door, accessed via the glass-covered entrance way. Local Police have an office base (which is not regularly manned), at the far right of the complex (not shown).

Please check the Bookings Calendar before making any booking enquiries.


As you go through the Scout and Guide Hall front door, you will find yourself in the entrance lobby, where there is a public telephone and doors to the WCs. There is a separate shower in each of the ladies and mens rooms.

In the lobby, there are two locked connecting doors to the Millennium Hall and some stairs which are not for public use. There are two further doors leading from the lobby into separate halls; these are the main Liphook Guide and Scout halls.

Both halls have a fitted kitchen with refrigerator, cooker, microwave and urn.

There are two smaller side rooms off each hall, useful for Pack Holidays as Leaders rooms or as a first aid room. Both halls have a smaller upper floor room. All areas are centrally heated.

The Scout and Guide HQs are adjoined near their respective kitchens by double folding doors. These doors can be opened to link the two halls together.

The total floor area of both halls is approximately 281 sq.metres.

The Scout HQ also has a four-rope climbing wall, but bear in mind that a qualified instructor is required for groups to be able to use it. It may be possible to arrange for an instructor to organise a climbing session for you for a small fee. Please ask when making a booking.

See Liphook Scouts website for a panoramic view of the Scout hall and other photos.


The halls are situated in a central and convenient location in Liphook, and are within a short walk of local shops and the railway station (Portsmouth to Waterloo line).

The road on which the Millennium Centre is situated (Ontario Way) leads only to a residential estate so traffic is not busy.

A Sainsbury's supermarket is located a very short walk away across the road from the halls, (although it is not conspicuos as it is screened by greenery). There is plenty of parking in the supermarket overspill carpark directly opposite the halls' entrance on the other side of Ontario Way.

The immediate surroundings are very pleasant and are planted with bushes and trees.

Both halls have a small patio area useful for BBQs etc, and they share a sloping grassed area dotted with trees which is surrounded by a low hedge. Beyond that is the large open village green, suitable for wide games and energetic activities.

Back view of halls, Guides to the left, Scouts to the right. Grassy area for use of hall occupiers with village green beyond.

To the rear of the Millennium Hall, there is an amphitheatre which is available for public use.

The following details are provided for Guiders needing to complete form A/A for residential holidays, but please note that you cannot contact us at this address by post.

Liphook Guide and Scout Halls
2-10 Ontario Way
GU30 7LD

Grid reference: OS map 186: SU 841314

For a list of local attractions and things to do in the area, see Places to Visit.


Being relatively recently constructed, (opened in 1999), the halls are modern, and were purpose built for use by Guides and Scouts to meet modern safety requirements. They are protected by an intruder alarm and smoke detectors, and there are three fire exits from each hall.

Windows in the main halls are high enough that they cannot easily be peered into from the outside. There are curtains which can be drawn at night. All doors are lockable, obviously with the exception of fire escape doors which cannot be accessed from the outside. Fortunately, vandalism to the halls has never been a problem.


Guide hall in use for a partyThe Scout and Guide halls are in use every evening of the week in term time by the uniformed groups, but are offered for hire, either singly or together, at all other times, subject to availability.

They are available for hire by any organisation or member of the public for children's parties, corporate events or other occasions.

Enquiries from groups, clubs or societies for one-off or regular daytime bookings are also welcome.

During half terms or school holidays, the halls are ideal for Rainbow or Beaver sleepovers, Cub or Brownie Pack Holidays, Guide, Scout, Ranger, Explorer or Network Scout residentials, etc.

For larger groups, leaders often find it convenint to hire both halls and use one for sleeping, while the other is used for meals and activities.


When a booking is made, the Hirer is deemed to have read and accepted the terms which have been drawn up to ensure everyone can enjoy the facilities. Please see conditions of hire below.

If you are interested in hiring one or both of the halls, please contact the Halls Booking Secretary:


Use this link to send an email or email direct to

Telephone: 01428 723609

If emailing or writing, please give your name, plus address, telephone number and group name if applicable.

You can also contact Heather Boosey if you would like to arrange a 'tour' of the premises before booking.

Please see the booking calendar to check availability.


These rules have been drawn up for the benefit of all users of the hall.

  • The Hirer shall pay a deposit of at least one third of the fee at the time of booking.
  • The Hirer shall pay the balance of fees due before the event, as directed by the management committee. Any refund of fees following cancellation by the hirer (less deposit) will be at the discretion of the committee. In the event of cancellation by Management Committee all fees, including deposit, will be refunded.
  • The Hirer shall, at the time of booking (or as soon thereafter as reasonably practicable), inform the Manager of his/her requirements for the provision of any other facilities or services and shall be responsible for any extra charges thereby incurred.
  • The Hirer shall strictly observe the no smoking policy.
  • All Hirers are responsible for arranging furniture for their function. Make sure you have a team ready to help get the room ready.
  • Blue-tack and drawing pins must not be affixed to any surfaces. If required display boards are available.
  • Cars must be parked in the Sainsbury's overspill car park and NOT in the lay-by or road to the front of the building.
  • All Hirers are expected to leave the premises, including the toilets, clean and in the state in which they found them.

    Please ensure the following tasks have been completed within the time of your booking:

    Clean floors.

    Clean kitchen, if used.

    Remove all rubbish.

    Wipe table tops.

    Ensure washrooms are tidy.

    Put away all furniture.

    Close all windows and doors.

    Restore pin boards to original state, if used

    Take away all property left behind by those attending your event/meeting.

It is expected that all users of the halls will help one another by taking good care of the building and maintaining standards of tidyness and cleanliness.

Thank you for your cooperation.