Brownie Pack Holidays

cooking at Pack holiday 2004Over past years all the Brownie Units in Liphook have experienced Pack holidays and the girls have had lots of fun even though this may have been their first time away from home without any family being present.

During Pack Holidays each Brownie has the opportunity to explore and develop new activities including helping to clean the toilets and bathrooms which is surprisingly a very popular duty ~ surprisingly some times more so than cooking lots of lovely food including steamed puddings!

Each Pack Holiday has a different theme and the Brownies are encouraged to participate in a wide range of activities including crafts and games. This enables the Brownies to bring lots of lovely home made presents back home to say thank you to parents for allowing them to go away on Pack Holiday.

Brownies having funPack Holiday is certainly not all work and no play as each day the Brownies have a varied programme spread between work, rest and play with lots of opportunities to make new Brownie friends as well as the occasional tuck shop treat from Cook!

The themes of the holidays have been very varied and include Christmas in August, Seasons , Fairies , Victorian Children , Treasure Island , Alice in Wonderland , Guide Thinking Day Weekend...

A highlight of 2005 was the action packed Brownie Big Weekend at Hayling Island in March.

The girls were able to experience the vastness of the numbers of Brownies within our County let alone the world.

This was a completely different Pack Holiday experience from those we have attended before as we stayed in a holiday camp with the Brownies having their own ‘flats/chalets/apartments/homes' (it was wonderful to hear them chat about their independence!) as well as being served by waiters in the restaurant!

However this enabled them to keep their energy for all the various activities and whilst it was a very cold weekend their spirits were not dampened in the least as they experienced archery; abseiling; bowling; various outdoor games & activities including rounders & crazy golf; swimming; dance routines; jousting ~ and not forgetting the evening disco and entertainments!

Many overcame their fears and abseiled down the tower encouraged by the instructors and cheering from the Brownies.

Venues of other Pack holidays have included Blackmoor Village Hall, Northchapel, Tilford, Liss, Petersfield, Hayling Island Guide HQ, Storrington Guide Hall , Bury Village Hall and Butlins at Bognor Regis.

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